With the mutual vision of enhancing the SME ecosystem in Oman, we have partnered with prominent regulatory bodies to offer our clients the opportunity to conceptualize, develop and implement multiple innovative interventions which are periodically launched, evaluated and improved. Below are some of our key partners and our key collaborations

Tasees has played an integral role as a key contributor to Public Authority of SME Development (PASMED)’s Startup Weekend since 2017. We have been instrumental in coaching, mentoring and guiding entrepreneurs who have enrolled in the program.

Upon completion of this weekend program, 3 chosen teams among the potential entrepreneurs are then offered personalized support and guidance via our one on one coaching sessions or are absorbed into Tasees Incubator directly for continuing support and care till they are ready to launch.

Between 2019 and 2021 Tasees has collaborated with PASMED to offer 3 batches of the Pre-Incubation Program that helps potential entrepreneurs ideate, conceptualize and build business strategies to successfully launch their own brand. This program is an ongoing joint initiative that aims to help the Oman SME arena in the coming years as well.

Tasees has played a significant role as a valued contributor to PASMED’s Annual Mentorship Program since 2017. We have mentored several bright and brilliant aspiring entrepreneurs, who, with our guidance, have gone on to start their own companies, which are presently valued contributors to Oman’s economy.

Our committed efforts and quality support have resulted in the creation or effective acceleration of some of the most renowned and growing business successes such as:
Aljoory Incense Factory
Snacks ’N’ More

This ongoing initiative of Tasees is set to mentor more businesses over the coming years and transform the SME scenario of Oman.

Ideation to
Execution Program

Envisaging the growth of the SME ecosystem in Oman in tune with Oman’s Vision 2040, Tasees has collaborated with the National Business Center (NBC) to launch the first of its kind Ideation to Execution Program in March 2021. This is an extremely useful program for those aspiring entrepreneurs who have an interesting business idea, but need guidance on going about turning it into a business. We offer practical strategies and guidance in every step of the way to help give shape to their dream.

Several successful SMEs have benefited immensely from this program and Tasees continues to improvise and update its program plan as per the needs of the industry. With our extensive market research and knowledge of the latest trends, along with world class experts, we continue to transform Oman, one SME at a time.

Funding is a crucial need for the growth of business in any country. Tasees has been a key contributor to SME funds mission to offer a practical scope and encourage the culture of entrepreneurship in Oman.

Our development of the base of the Inma Leadership Program for creating entrepreneurial awareness in Oman has gained massive momentum in SME funds. We have created a comprehensive curriculum development plan for students of Oman. As per our program, we have taken this curriculum to more than 1000 students across colleges and universities in Oman. Another innovative initiative that sets us apart is the development of the framework for our program that has been crafted for senior level professionals from MOD. With their experience of the industry and knowledge of the market, they have the potential of becoming the torchbearers of the SME ecosystem in Oman.

Tasees believes that the future of Oman’s industries lies in the hands of the youth, and thus, we have been working closely with the career cells of several colleges and universities to imbibe an entrepreneurial mindset among students, to encourage them to dream big and touch the sky. This has resulted in a sharp rise in the number of young Omani entrepreneurs starting their companies, taking business to a global field. In the upcoming years, we will continue with an emphatic focus on newer and more innovative initiatives to rope in the youth and support aspiring entrepreneurs from colleges and universities.

Tasees has played a key role in guiding, coaching and supporting various entrepreneurs through our wide variety of programs. Our programs have been developed to offer assistance in every stage of a business, right from developing and validating interesting business ideas to developing business strategies that will be instrumental in launching the brand and we even continue to support our clients through growth and diversification. With our panel of industry experts and market specialists, we are happy to offer our aid in every field of industry, which will eventually contribute to Oman’s growing economy.