Tasees was established in 2018 with a core mission of supporting Oman’s entrepreneurs through all stages of their growth. Found on the principles of giving back to the community, Tasees is dedicated to the socio-economic development of Oman by creating a knowledge-based society in line with Oman’s Vision 2040.

As a platform to build a sustainable entrepreneurship culture and address the futuristic economic goals of Oman, Tasees enables those with an entrepreneurial mindset to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality and become active contributors to the economic development of the country. It will also assist other stakeholders of the SME ecosystem in Oman such as government bodies involved in facilitating entrepreneurial growth, educational institutions engaged in the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of Oman, and private / public organizations wanting to integrate SMEs as a part of their businesses contributing towards ICV.

We aim to be the one-stop destination for solutions, right from ideation to incubation and further acceleration of SMEs. With a goal to take the startups and SMEs in Oman to the next level, we are committed to standing by their side at every step for all their business needs.

We believe that the seeds for successful entrepreneurship should be sown young, and nurtured early. Thus, our aim is to offer the necessary education, scope and support to foster and imbibe an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of our country.

We believe in dreams, and we choose to be the support and strength that propels our aspiring entrepreneurs to success. With our wide range of resources and knowledge of the market, we can give small businesses the much-needed opportunity to launch themselves into the industry and prosper.

Sometimes, all that a business needs is a push in the right direction. We offer existing businesses our expertise and know-how to help revive their business, build a stronger footing, or simply take their enterprise to the next level.

To help the country’s SME ecosystem prosper and contribute to Oman’s economic growth.