At Tasees, our endeavour is to offer comprehensive support and resources to upcoming, as well as existing SMEs to help them build their business. Our knowledge of the latest trends and extensive research of the market statistics offers us a clear insight into the future opportunities, which helps our clients grasp the market needs and stay ahead of the competition.

We reach out to college and university students and offer them encouragement and insights to help them take up the path of entrepreneurship.

We provide potential and present entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, research and data as well as aid in enhancing skills that help run a successful business.

We help turn brilliant business ideas into reality by crafting customised business solutions that can be commercially viable.

We offer expert assistance and guidance to startups and help them set up their businesses and carve them a stable place in the market.

We provide businesses with the necessary resources that are needed to accelerate their businesses and grow or expand, to fulfil their goals and targets.

We help SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs finance their business and growth by introducing them to various financing options available.

We offer Omani SMEs a worldwide platform and exposure to various international partnerships and financing opportunities, that help take their business into the global space.

We aim to foster inclusive growth by setting precedents for business houses of the country, helping them explore synergies with SMEs and integrate them into the industry.

And finally, we aim to introduce Omani products to the international market, giving the world a fascinating peek into our rich nation by facilitating an open channel for SME clustering.