Why Tasees ?

We have a major role in assisting a regulatory body in the process of developing a unique entrepreneurship framework. This framework is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial endeavours, and it has been imparted to thousands of university and college students, as well as a number of retiring senior government officials across the country. This has helped build an entrepreneurial mindset and knack for business. We have, thus, been effectively instrumental in laying the foundation of the rapidly growing SME ecosystem in Oman.

Owing to our vital role in the Oman SME sector, we have secured valued partnerships with several key regulatory bodies that are responsible for the growth and development of the SME ecosystem of the country. This gives us access to the latest industry regulations and in-depth market research, thus helping us with critical insights into the success possibilities and demands that a business can cater to for maximum profits.

What sets us apart from other platforms is that our services do not end at the launch of your brand; it only starts there. We will continue to stay by your side, keeping a close eye on the latest demands of the market, developing smart business strategies, and working to help your brand grow and expand until you reach your objectives.

Our team consists of highly dedicated business professionals and industry experts with extensive knowledge across a wide range of industries in Oman. With them, we cover all areas of business for SMEs regardless of the sector or specialization. In addition to their expertise, they are well-trained and thoroughly accomplished in the global market scenario. Together, we’re building a culture where people can be their best while delivering on our purpose of assisting, guiding and supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their business.

We believe that in order to take Oman’s SMEs to the international level, we need to offer them the best support possible. That’s why we have built a fully dedicated Entrepreneurship Academy, equipped with the latest technology and tools that will offer our entrepreneurs access to the most cutting-edge and modern resources at par with global standards. It offers well-equipped meeting rooms, workstations and every utility that a startup and SME can need for their business.


- Laila Al Lawati -